The spirit Ha-seong Kim showed with his first MLB grand slam… Grabbed by the collar and dragged away, treated as a ‘superstar’ by the team spokesperson

San Diego was in a gloomy position by giving up both games of the double header with Arizona on the 20th (Korean time). In this double header, where they had to catch all of them to advance to the postseason, and even if they couldn’t, they had to win one game, both offense and defense were silent, and in the end, they gave up both games.안전놀이터

San Diego is currently in fourth place in the National League West. The world’s leading LA Dodgers have now run away so that the back of their head is completely invisible. It means that it is best to aim for three wild card spots rather than winning the district championship. To make matters worse, the wild card race is also not very positive. Currently, three spots in the National League are occupied by the Philadelphia, Chicago Cubs and San Francisco. Above San Diego, there are also Arizona, Cincinnati and Miami.

This is why San Diego is in trouble ahead of the trade deadline. This is San Diego, which has invested a lot of money ahead of this season and in recent years. There was a strong will to challenge the National League West premiership and, furthermore, to win the World Series. However, as the odds of advancing to the postseason continued to drop without even reaching a 50% win rate this year, I was left wondering whether I should act as a “seller” in the market.

I decided to keep running without giving up on the season, but the win rate after the All-Star break was not very good. As a result, by the 21st, 59 wins and 66 losses were 7 less than the 50% win rate. On the 20th, the game gap widened even more as they played a double header with Arizona. The blow was so great that the local media called it a ‘doubleheader of disaster’. But San Diego hasn’t given up yet. The gestures of Kim Ha-seong (28) showed this.

Kim Ha-seong went out as second baseman in the first start against Miami held on the 22nd (Korean time) at Petco Park, San Diego, California, USA, went 2 hits in 4 at-bats (1 home run), 4 RBIs, 2 runs and 1 steal, and the team won 6-2. led His batting average for the season, which had been on a slight downward trend recently, rose slightly from 0.278 to 0.280, recovering the 2.8 penny range.

In particular, he saved the atmosphere by providing an opportunity for the team to wake up at the beginning of the game. In the first inning, he hit a leadoff double and scored a run, and in the second inning, he took the lead in suppressing the team’s lead with a decisive home run, becoming the number one contributor to the team’s victory. In other words, Kim Ha-seong grabbed the team atmosphere, which had been stagnant, and saved it. There is a reason why the local media focused on Kim Ha-seong after the game that day.

He worked hard from the first inning. Today’s Miami pick is Ryan Weathers. He was an old teammate who debuted in the major leagues in San Diego and is familiar to San Diego fans and players. However, Kim Ha-seong, who was busy with his way to go, did not have time to be immersed in sentimentality. He caught a 96.5 mph fastball driven in the middle of the 4th pitch from 2B-1S’s favorable count, and went off with a hit that landed next to right field.

It was a ball closer to the line than the right fielder, and Kim Ha-seong, who looked at the ball, decided to run to second base without delay. Ha-seong Kim’s helmet came off without fail, and he entered second base with all his might, as always. He even saved the dugout atmosphere with his unique ceremony of turning his hands.

In this series, there is a special event where Kim Ha-seong gives out bobbleheads. This bobblehead well expressed Kim Ha-sung’s usual play. The scene where he was so full-bodied that his helmet came off was well portrayed. His helmet was made detachable, and it also attracted a lot of attention from local fans. ‘San Diego Union-Tribune’, a leading local press, evaluated this as ‘Kim Ha-seong worked like a bobblehead’.

Ha-seong Kim later contributed to the team’s scoring with a run through the storm. He succeeded in stealing a double by breaking the start with Tatis Jr., runner on first base, on first out and second base. It was Kim Ha-sung’s 28th stolen base of the season. Ha-seong Kim’s start was so good that the catcher couldn’t even throw a ball to third base. Tatis Jr. was also able to settle down at second base comfortably thanks to Kim Ha-seong. Then Machado hit a sacrifice fly and the first score went up.

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