‘Hit well with this bat~’ A warm-hearted gift from Soo-bin Su who supported Kiwoom’s promising catcher

‘Take a good hit with this bat~’ Doosan Sue-bin gave Kiwoom Si-ang Kim a bat and cheered him on.

On the 24th,먹튀검증 a match between Doosan and Kiwoom will be held at Gocheok Sky Dome. Kiwoom, who suffered two consecutive losses due to Doosan’s two consecutive victories, started training aiming for a reversal of the atmosphere.

The Doosan team appeared on the ground where Kiwoom was training. Kiwoom outfielder Kim Jun-wan took someone’s hand and approached Doosan’s third base dugout.

Jung Soo-bin, who was close to Kim Jun-wan, appeared in front of them with a bat in his hand. It was the same bat as the one that had hit the game the day before.

Soo-bin Su gave Kim Si-ang his bat as a gift and gave him a message of support while patting his shoulders. Although the teams are different, it was a scene where the warm heart of the seniors for the juniors who sweat together on the ground and develop their dreams was outstanding.

Kim Si-ang participated in 9 games in the 1st team stage this season, recording 2 hits in 8 at-bats and a batting average of 0.250. In the game the previous day, he came out as a big defensive player and did not stand at bat.

Kiwoom, who suffered two consecutive losses, is aiming for a reversal of the atmosphere by changing the lineup for the game that day. Kim Si-ang starts as the catcher for the ninth hitter.

What will Kim Si-ang, who received a bat from Su-bin Suh, show in today’s match?

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