“Bellinger is targeted by the Yankees.” Will the American media build a ‘dual gun of dreams’ with Judge? It is likely to reach $300 million

The New York Yankees, who are suffering from the humiliation of being ranked last in the world for the first time in 33 years, are shutting down the season and are predicting a major team reorganization at the end of this year.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said ahead of the home game against the Washington Nationals on the 24th of last month (Korean time), “This year has been a disaster. I admit it. It is a shock beyond words,” and added, “We feel all disappointment, anger and frustration. From the top. “I view all aspects of our organization from the bottom down that way. Everyone feels responsible. Everyone, including myself, will be evaluated,” he said, suggesting a large-scale organizational reform plan. He said that it includes not only himself, but also director Aaron Boone’s future.메이저사이트

The Yankees are in ‘win-now’ mode every season, and they make every effort to strengthen their power every winter. Although they said they would dramatically change the team, they were not preparing any special methods. A change of director, a large-scale ‘purge’ of veterans, and the recruitment of new people are all that are involved.

There are predictions that the Yankees will go all-in on strengthening their batting lineup this winter. This is because they are showing the worst offense of all time this year.

As of the 5th, the Yankees ranked 29th in team batting average (0.228), 22nd in scoring average (4.23 points), 22nd in team OPS (0.707), and 20th in team stolen bases (86) among the 30 teams in both leagues, with most offensive indicators showing It is languishing in the lower ranks. At least the team ranks 6th in home runs (197), and considering that it was first with 254 home runs last year, this is also a shocking ranking.

It is no exaggeration to say that the reason the Yankees are having such a hard time on offense this year is because of Aaron Judge’s injury. He was on the injured list for nearly two months after hitting the fence net after catching JD Martinez’s big fly in the 8th inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers held at Dodger Stadium on June 4, injuring his right big toe. Judge returned on July 29th, but it is true that it has become difficult to see the same explosive hitting as before. It is natural that if the team’s main hitter is missing or is performing poorly, the entire batting lineup loses strength.

Bellinger is roaring after hitting a timely hit in the 8th inning against the Milwaukee Brewers on the 31st of last month. AFP Yonhap News

Bellinger succeeded in making a comeback this season and regained his strength in 2019. AP Yonhap News
For this reason, there are a lot of rumors that the Yankees will begin recruiting sluggers in the free agent market at the end of this year. The hitter who fits the Yankees’ needs perfectly is the Chicago Cubs’ Cody Bellinger.

Bellinger missed a month due to injury this season, but he is performing at an MVP level. As of today, he has a batting average of 0.320 (131 hits in 410 at-bats), 23 home runs, 84 RBI, 81 runs, on-base percentage of 0.363, slugging percentage of 0.549, OPS of 0.912, and 19 stolen bases. He ranks 4th in the NL in batting average, 5th in OPS, tied for 20th in home runs, 13th in RBIs, and 14th in runs scored.

He only rested from mid-May to mid-June after injuring his knee while playing defense, but his home runs and RBIs have also risen to a level where they are quite formidable. He is also considered the best outfielder, boasting a Gold Glove career as a center fielder. If Bellinger joins the Yankees’ lineup, there could be an adjustment between him and the center fielder. Of course, you can build a strong cannon corps with Judge and Giancarlos Stanton in the central batting line.

In relation to this, USA Today reporter Bob Nightingale said on the 4th, “The Cubs, San Francisco, San Diego Padres, and New York Yankees are cited as teams that will actively pursue Bellinger. His price will be very high.” He predicted that he might ask for more than $200 million and $300 million.

Another media outlet, Sports Illustrated, said, “The Yankees are constantly being mentioned in relation to Judge, so a blockbuster deal could be made in the upcoming free agent market,” adding, “Recruiting Bellinger will be a great help to the batting lineup, which has been underperforming this year.” I predicted this.

Bellinger’s agent is Scott Boras. It is highly likely that they will devise a strategy to increase the price by using the Yankees as leverage.

Bellinger was almost kicked out of the Dodgers last winter and entered the free agent market. He signed with the Cubs for a one-year contract worth $12.5 million, an annual salary of $12.5 million for 2024, and a mutual option with a $5 million buyout. He has regained the force he had in 2019 when he was named NL MVP, but there is absolutely no reason to exercise the option..

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