Elbow and side… Ohtani, now in complete disrepair, is giving up on his dual-batting career, but “A hitter can start in 2024, and a pitcher can start in 2025.”

It is this difficult to live in the real world as a cartoon character. Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels), who was completely injured after injuring his elbow and then his side, was in danger of having to give up his job as a pitcher.메이저놀이터

Japan’s ‘Tokyo Sports’ reported on the 5th (hereinafter Korean time), “Dr. Naotaka Mamizuka of ‘Baseball & Sports Clinic’ expressed his opinion regarding Otani, who is reported to be likely to undergo a second Tommy John surgery due to right elbow ligament damage. ” introduced the opinion of a renowned expert who analyzed the condition of Otani’s elbow.

According to multiple local U.S. media outlets, including Major League Baseball’s official website MLB.com, Ohtani’s agent, Nez Valero of CCA Sports, said, “It is highly likely that Ohtani will undergo Tommy John surgery at this time, but we do not have various information about when and what kind of treatment he will receive.” Collecting. He may not have surgery. “It’s really positive that he didn’t injure the area where he had surgery in 2018,” he announced.

Ohtani was prematurely dismissed after injuring his elbow while pitching against the Cincinnati Reds on the 24th of last month, and a hospital examination showed damage to his right ulnar collateral ligament. Since then, he has been playing the season focusing only on batting without double hitting.

The Japanese medical expert’s opinion was the same as Agent Otani’s. Mr. Mamizuka said, “Ohtani’s elbow injury is minor. It can be seen as an injury rather than a rupture. So it is difficult to decide which treatment to receive. However, it will not be easy to resolve the damaged area with strengthening exercises, etc.”

Nevertheless, if you undergo elbow surgery, the story is different. Ohtani, who dominated the major leagues with his two-hitting career, may have to give up his dual-wielding lifestyle until 2025. Mr. Mamizuka predicted, “If Otani undergoes his second Tommy John surgery around October, following 2018, he will be able to return as a hitter as early as the spring of 2024, but as a pitcher, he will not be able to decide whether to return until the 2025 season.”

Mr. Mamizuka rather viewed Otani’s side injury as a bigger bad news. Ohtani was scheduled to start as a designated hitter against the Baltimore Orioles on the 5th, but was absent after complaining of pain in his side during pre-game batting practice.

Mr. Mamizuka expressed concern, saying, “I am worried that there are many players who take a long time to recover from side injuries.”

It remains to be seen how Ohtani, who has had no difficulties since entering the big league in 2018, can overcome this ordeal. Since this is the first time that he has injured his elbow and side, attention is being paid to what choices he will make regarding future treatment. However, no matter what choice is made, it seems likely that the two-batting business will be discontinued for the time being.

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