Kiwoom, lacking all its core strength, is in danger of losing the most losses in a single season.

Kiwoom Heroes are on the verge of having the most losses in a season since their launch in 2008.

Kiwoom lost 1-6 in the away game against NC Dinos held at Changwon NC Park on the 7th.

Kiwoom, who lost all three away games to Changwon, ranked last with 51 wins, 3 draws, and 73 losses for the season. Kiwoom, the runner-up team in the Korean Series last year, collapsed in less than a year.

Considering Kiwoom’s current win rate, mathematically, they can record up to ’83 losses’. Kiwoom was launched in 2008 as a re-establishment after the disbandment of the Hyundai Unicorns, and the most losses in a season was 80 losses (51 wins, 2 draws) in 2011.안전놀이터

Kiwoom is a strong team that has advanced to ‘fall baseball’ for 9 seasons in the past 10 years, including advancing to the postseason for 5 consecutive years from 2018 to 2022.

It was expected that it would not be difficult to advance to the postseason with Lee Jeong-hoo, the KBO’s best hitter, and Ahn Woo-jin, who has the best pitch.

However, as soon as the second half of the ranking battle began, Lee Jeong-hoo was diagnosed with a left ankle extensor zone injury. In the end, he ended the season on the operating table.

Kiwoom, who even sent Choi Won-tae to the LG Twins in a trade at the end of July, completely lost his momentum early this month when even ace Ahn Woo-jin left the line due to an elbow injury.

Kiwoom maintained its 5th place until July 1, but its ranking gradually fell. After falling to 9th place in mid-July, it moved around the lower ranks. During the month of August, they were sluggish with 7 wins and 19 losses, and after three consecutive wins this month, they suffered three consecutive losses and fell to last place.

There is no pitcher with 10 wins. The only reliable starting pitcher is Ariel Jurado (9 wins, 8 losses, ERA 2.72). Kim Hye-seong is the only hitter who hits .300. With the lineup fluctuating, Kim Hye-seong is the only player who has completed the required number of at-bats.

The last time Kiwoom finished a season in last place was in 2011, when the team had eight teams.

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