Yang Eui-ji’s mistake, which raised expectations for Hanwha’s 7th consecutive win, proves coach Choi Won-ho’s statement that “identifying a player’s tendency is the most difficult” 

“Identifying tendencies is the most difficult.”

These are the words of Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho. Coach Choi, who was promoted from Futures coach to 1st team coach midway through the season, said, “A player’s characteristics can only be utilized properly when both performance and tendencies are understood.” Citing pitcher Lee Min-woo, who was acquired through a trade from KIA, as an example, he said, “He maintains his position in tight situations rather than loose situations. When pitching as a starter, he pitches in a loose atmosphere (in many ways), but when the game is close or in a crisis, he pitches in a tense atmosphere. “From what I understand, (Lee) Min-woo is a pitcher who fits the latter category,” he said.카지노사이트

Lee Min-woo, who pitched unsatisfactorily last year with 60 hits, 33 runs, and an ERA of 6.25 in 44.2 innings, appeared on the mound for three consecutive days, starting with the Gocheok Kiwoom game on the 8th, and made a strong impression with 2.1 innings of scoreless innings. Of course, the sample is small, and he may have been motivated by being called up to the first team only at the end of the season, but in Coach Choi’s eyes, Lee Min-woo’s value seemed to be increasing in a tense game.

Coach Choi said, “It is not easy to figure out a player’s tendencies in just a few months,” adding, “There are players who only show off their skills when they compete and players who thrive when you trust them and leave them to their own devices.” He emphasized, “It is the manager’s role to understand these tendencies well and place players in the right positions.”

What if the target is a young pitcher during a game? The role changes from manager to catcher. Doosan catcher Yang Eui-ji, who faced Hanwha at Jamsil Stadium on the 12th, shows a strong presence enough to be called ‘half of the team’s strength.’ He continues to be praised as the best catcher in existence in all aspects, including ball mixing, game management, and the ability to attract pitchers.

This year, Doosan is being led by young pitchers including Kwak Bin, the starting pitcher, Jeong Cheol-won, Kim Dong-ju, and Choi Seung-yong. Yang Eui-ji’s legacy is needed more than ever this year. Yang Eui-ji’s stake was also significant in helping the team that was in 9th place last year rise to a top 5 contender.

This positive attitude sometimes makes mistakes(?). It’s a result, and it was an obvious miss, but the ball combination was disappointing in terms of attracting a young starting pitcher who was struggling due to his erratic ball control.

Top of the 3rd inning with a 3-0 lead. Hanwha Lee Do-yoon, who was the leadoff hitter, reached base with an infield hit. Moon Hyun-bin watched two balls in the 3-ball, then walked and made 1st and 2nd base. Eun-Won Jeong hit a foul fly to third base, but Noh Si-Hwan, after a persistent cut, drew a walk and filled the base.

It wasn’t so bad that fourth batter Chae Eun-seong lost his timing on the curve and turned to third baseman’s infield fly. However, Choi In-ho took the lead on three balls, made two fouls, and then drew a push walk. This part allows us to infer how uneven Kwak Bin’s control is.

Facing Hanwha’s Nick Williams with bases loaded and 2 outs could be seen as a blessing in disguise for Doosan. In fact, Yang Eui-ji repeatedly requested two outside change-ups, resulting in two missed swings. A situation where neither timing nor initiative are possible. Although it was uneven, Kwak Bin, who threw a change-up into the low course outside the left-handed hitter and drew a missed swing, was able to gain confidence.

The third pitch is a high fastball toward the body. It is a combination calculated to distract Williams’ gaze and take advantage of Williams’ psychological impatience when he misses a swing at an outside breaking ball. However, on this day, Kwak Bin was different from usual. Because his left pelvis and shoulder opened early, his arm came out late, which seemed to be the cause of his poor control. This means that the high-to-the-body fastball was balanced with the risk of being pushed in without any force.

Unfortunately, the ball left Kwak Bin’s hand and flew into the middle, and although the timing was late, Williams’ hit, which he pushed out with force, exceeded the shortstop’s height and fell into left center. A timely hit with two RBIs that tied the score at 3-3.

Considering Kwak Bin’s pitching balance, what would have happened if he had induced a low fastball to the outside or a one-bound curve to the body? Perhaps regretful about this part, Yang Eui-ji sighed deeply as he returned after finishing the inning. His expression was so regretful that I felt guilty about it.

Thankfully(?), even though it was early in the game, the crowd near third base at Jamsil Stadium was buzzing with anticipation for a 7th consecutive win. This is the beauty of baseball, where joy and sorrow are mixed over a single ball.

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