Ohtani, after surgery, won’t be able to throw next year… Why does it feel like his price will soar?

 Even if he had surgery, it feels like the recruiting battle will be extremely fierce.

Ohtani, the Japanese superstar of the Los Angeles Angels of the U.S. Major League Baseball, has completed surgery. Ohtani announced on his SNS on the 20th (Korean time) that his elbow surgery went well. He expressed his gratitude to those who cared about him and expressed his determination to come back stronger.메이저사이트

Ohtani appeared as a starter in the first game of the doubleheader against the Cincinnati Reds held on the 24th of last month, but hurriedly came off the mound while pitching in the second inning. The results of the examination were shocking. It was a collateral ligament injury to his right elbow. Since Ohtani had already undergone Tommy John surgery in 2018, there was speculation that he could be at a crossroads in his career as a pitcher if he undergoes a second surgery.

However, fortunately among his misfortunes, it was reported that he was injured in an area unrelated to the area where he had previously had surgery. Although Ohtani did not specifically reveal what kind of surgery he had, it is said in the United States that Ohtani is planning a scenario where he will take a break from pitching next season and return in the 2025 season. Ohtani’s agent, Nezu Valero, revealed today that Ohtani still wants to work as a two-batter. Dr. Neil Elatrace, who performed the surgery, explained that there would be no problem for Ohtani to play as a batsman in the opening game of next season.

The surgery is now over. The important thing is deciding which team’s uniform to wear next season. Ohtani becomes his first free agent. Before Ohtani was injured, expectations were high that the first $600 million contract in major league history would be signed. However, there were many predictions that his value could fall due to his inability to pitch as a pitcher next season and doubts about whether he would be able to make a complete comeback as a pitcher.

However, Ohtani is a player who deserves the highest salary of all time based on his abilities as a hitter alone. Here, the pitcher’s return is not completely in vain, but rather a one-year break. If he does not pitch as a pitcher next year, his number of home runs as a hitter is likely to increase significantly. Also, the commercial value outside of the game is incredible. The team that Otani goes to can immediately become the most popular team that attracts the attention of baseball fans around the world. He is now turning 30 years old. He is at his peak as a baseball player.

Although there was a surgery issue, the demand from teams wanting Ohtani does not seem to decrease. Market logic is that if demand is high, the price automatically rises. It is good news for Ohtani that ‘big market’ clubs such as the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and San Francisco Giants are doing well this season. As they open their wallets, competition becomes more intense. When using the original team LA Angels, the hot LA Dodgers cannot be ignored. The Seattle Mariners are also in trouble.

Considering various circumstances, it is unlikely that the at least $500 million defense line will collapse. In fact, there may be a contract with a larger amount than expected.

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