“Will I be able to deal with the ball on my body?” I didn’t back down. ‘Home run → nose fracture → home run again’ Home runs in two consecutive games with a broken nose, oh my god, this kind of poison…

This is an unprecedented poisonous tumor.

The face of the previous game was sand dune. A player with a broken nose came to bat. He hit a home run. A home run in two consecutive games, following a home run before being hit by a pitch in the previous game.안전놀이터

This is Seo Ho-cheol (27) of the NC Dinos, a tough and tough player.

Seo Ho-cheol started as third baseman No. 7 in the game against Changwon KIA on the 26th. He overcame his concerns and played actively in offense and defense.

In the 7th inning, when he was down 2-6, he even hit a solo home run against special bullpen Lim Ki-young. 4th home run of the season and 2nd consecutive home run. Although NC unfortunately lost 4-6, Seo Ho-cheol’s fighting spirit was strong.

In the previous game, against Doosan in Changwon on the 24th, he hit a delightful solo home run against Doosan starter Jang Won-jun in the bottom of the first inning. However, in the bottom of the 8th inning, he was hit in the face by a 145km fastball thrown by Kim Kang-ryul and was taken to the hospital bleeding. Examination results showed a fractured nasal bone. However, he received the opinion that surgical treatment was unnecessary and decided to pursue conservative treatment. However, he returned to the starting lineup on the second day of play after just one day of rest. His own will was strong.

Coach Kang said, “In addition to technical training, I checked by shaking my head, and he said there was nothing wrong with him. (Although he is starting) Playing the game is a different matter, so I think we need to check the situation during the game.” However, he was concerned that “the key is whether he can overcome his fear of hitting the ball on his body.”

A batter who stands extremely close to home plate. The danger of his untimely death is always present. He was hit in the face this time, so he was understandably scared.

But he never backed down. He moved closer and hit a 128km slider high toward the body of pitcher Im Ki-young with his uniquely fast swing speed. A solo shot that goes well over the left wall of Changwon NC Park.

Former second-team batting champion who joined NC in the second 9th round of the 2019 rookie draft.

He has solidified his position as a starting infielder this season and is having a career-high season with a batting average of .292 (105 hits in 359 at-bats), 4 home runs, 39 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.726 in 102 games. The infield, which had been a concern amid Noh Jin-hyuk’s free agent transfer and Park Seok-min’s injury, is returning to its solid state thanks to the performances of Seo Ho-cheol and Kim Joo-won.

He succeeded in proving his durability with his fearless fighting spirit. This is Seo Ho-cheol, NC’s new starting third baseman whose value is increasing.

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