“Ohtani, he doesn’t fit in with the Dodgers… “Dodgers $500 million+α trend, shocking reversal? Yankees’ rapid rise

Ohtani doesn’t like hitting at Dodger Stadium.”

Will Shohei Ohtani’s (29, LA Angels) ‘LA Dodgers trend’ collapse? Dodgers Nation, which specializes in covering the Dodgers and not just any other media outlet, reported the source’s comment as above on the 26th (Korean time). It’s shocking.

The dominant view is that the Dodgers will dominate the Otani free agent recruitment campaign, which will begin in November. It is evaluated as almost the only club that can meet Otani’s needs in all aspects, including winning, money, environment, and geographical familiarity. Of course, Ohtani has never directly talked about the Dodgers, but the American media’s analysis has been as follows.온라인카지노

In this situation, Dodgers Nation reported something completely different. “Insiders question Ohtani’s suitability for the Dodgers. Most sources assume the Dodgers will focus on upgrading their starting lineup in the offseason. “Ohtani may not be a good fit for the Dodgers because he will not be able to pitch in the 2024 season.”

In fact, Otani recently underwent elbow surgery and is expected to return to dual swords in 2025. However, the Dodgers’ starting lineup is the most unstable it has been in recent years. She is in the process of breaking up with Julio Urias, who has been accused of domestic violence, and Tony Gonsolin and Dustin May are in rehabilitation after undergoing elbow surgery. The club has confirmed that Walker Buehler, who also underwent elbow surgery, will return to the major leagues in the 2024 season. Lance Lynn was brought in just before the trade deadline, but it is not a stable move. Bobby Miller is struggling, but he is still a pitcher who lacks average.

Clayton Kershaw is playing well for his age, but he can no longer hit 90 mph with his fastball. He is not a player free from durability issues. Another agreement must be found in the free agent market. In other words, the Dodgers need to somehow reinforce their starting pitchers. Looking only at 2024, Ohtani, who cannot be on the mound, is not the optimal card.

Even John Heyman of the New York Post quoted a source as saying, “Ohtani doesn’t like hitting at Dodger Stadium. “Some batters say the ball doesn’t fly because of the current, and he doesn’t like it.” In reality, Dodger Stadium is a typical pitcher-friendly stadium.

In this situation, Isensational Sports reported that the Yankees may enter the race to recruit Ohtani. The ultra-luxurious team ranked second in team payroll did not even make it to the postseason. The logic is that in 2024, honor must be restored, and Otani must be brought in to form a double gun with Aaron Judge.

Esensional Sports said, “Even if the injury diminishes Ohtani’s superpowers, we believe he will get a contract worth $500 million or more. “The question is whether Otani will accept New York as a suitor.” The question is whether Ohtani, who prefers the West, would join hands with the Yankees.

If the Yankees do not spare large investments as they always have, there is a good chance that they will emerge as a strong opponent to the Dodgers this winter. Esensional Sports asked, “Could Ohtani head to the Yankees? “The team pursuing him included the Yankees.”In summary, there is enough room for Ohtani’s theory of the Dodgers to be shaken. Not only the Yankees, but also the San Francisco Giants, Seattle Mariners, and Texas Rangers are constantly mentioned in recruiting Ohtani. However, Dodgers Nation explains that the Dodgers trend is not completely over. Dodgers Nation said, “Ohtani wants to win on the West Coast. The Dodgers may grant his wish. “The Dodgers will be interested in Ohtani, but the ultimate decision is up to Ohtani.” 

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