From slumps to injuries… The 11.5 billion won hit that doesn’t work out, changes to the defense in the 4th inning, “I feel pain in my right hand when hitting” 

Doosan Bears’ 11.5 billion slugger Kim Jae-hwan felt pain in his right hand and was replaced by Dae-subi in the 4th inning. 

Kim Jae-hwan started as left fielder No. 5 in the final match of the season (Game 16) against NC in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 12th and recorded no hits in 2 at-bats before being replaced by main defender Kim Tae-geun in the top of the 4th inning. 메이저사이트

Before the game, Kim Jae-hwan was in a slump with a batting average of .133 in the last 10 games. Director Lee Seung-yeop said in a pre-interview, “Now it’s up to Kim Jae-hwan to do it.” “There is no alternative,” he said, demanding that the Jamsil slugger exert himself, but a fly ball to right field in the second inning and a ground ball to second base in the third inning did not help the team’s 7-1 lead. 

Coach Lee eventually replaced Kim Jae-hwan in the top of the fourth inning. It was interpreted as a replacement due to poor performance, but a Doosan official reported the news of Kim Jae-hwan’s injury, saying, “Kim Jae-hwan had pain in his right hand when hitting, so he was replaced by Kim Tae-geun.” 

Due to the exclusion of left fielder Kim Jae-hwan, Kim Tae-geun will play right field, and Cho Soo-haeng, who was a right fielder, will play left field. The center fielder remains Jeong Soo-bin.

Doosan has been successful in scoring in every inning since the first inning, and as of the bottom of the fourth inning, they are ahead of NC by a huge margin of 7-1. 

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