Pedi returns, cheerfully declaring war… “SSG, it doesn’t work?”

The professional baseball semi-playoffs between NC and SSG begin tomorrow (22nd). NC’s Peddie, the league’s best pitcher, who did not appear in the wild card game due to the pitching schedule, gave a cheerful performance to SSG in his savory Masan dialect.메이저사이트

Two days ago, Fedi, who watched the wild card game against Doosan from the dugout, cheered passionately and was more happy about the victory than anyone else.

[Eric Peddie/NC Pitcher: I’m happy to play more games. Although we had a long season and suffered many upsets. Participating in important games is the reason a player exists.]

Peddie suffered an elbow injury after being hit by a batted ball in his final appearance in the regular season on the 16th, but fortunately his condition improved and he was selected for the semi-playoff entry.

[Eric Peddie/NC Pitcher: (The area where I was hit) is quite sore, but I am making efforts to recover. I will come back and pitch in the semi-playoffs.]

Peddy, who achieved three wins as a pitcher with a record of 20 wins and 200 strikeouts for the first time in 37 years, and received the ‘Choi Dong-won Award’ given to the best pitcher, pledged to perform well worthy of the name Choi Dong-won. there is.

[Eric Peddie/NC Pitcher: It’s a huge deal to be mentioned along with Choi Dong-won’s name. He did an amazing job. He won 4 games alone in the Korean Series. I will also live up to the honor of the ‘Choi Dong-won Award’ and do my best to help NC Dinos rise as high as possible.] He

also made a cheerful declaration of war against SSG using the delicious dialect he learned while living in Masan.

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