After the postponement of the FA Cup semi-finals… The Pohang-Jeju team trained, and the Pohang away fans who sang cheering songs kept their seats until the end

The postponement of the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup semi-finals changed many things.

Jeju United and Pohang Steelers were scheduled to play the FA Cup semi-finals at Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 9th. However, in the aftermath of Typhoon ‘Kanun’ and the local government’s strong reconsideration and concerns, the game was postponed about an hour before the start of the game.토토사이트

The typhoon was expected to come north, but the weather was not too bad in Seogwipo, where the Jeju World Cup Stadium is located. The wind blew, but not to a level that interfered with playing soccer. In addition, the intensity of the wind decreased as time went on. The rain was also not a local downpour, and it was at a level that could not be compared to the rainy season. However, Jeju Island’s strong request for postponement came out in an official document. In the end, all previous agreements were overturned and the match was postponed.

Even after the postponement decision was made, officials all complained. It was because the weather was not a problem for the game to be played. Among some officials, the expression “perfect weather for soccer” even appeared.

After the postponement was confirmed, the Jeju players left the stadium after signing autographs and taking pictures with home fans. The same goes for coach Nam Ki-il and other coaching staff. We went back to the clubhouse and started training. This is because Jeju will play the 26th round of the league against Suwon FC at home on the 12th.

Same goes for Pohang. Pohang remained at the Jeju World Cup Stadium and conducted intense training. In the aftermath of the typhoon, the next day’s training progress was uncertain, and there was no choice but to conduct training. The training time was about an hour, but the intensity exceeded expectations. Spinning the ball, mini-games, as well as sprint and physical training were added. The Pohang team even said, “It seems like they came to a training camp.”

Pohang fans who visited the FA Cup semi-finals were very angry. About 100 fans visited the stadium, but hardly left their seats. They shouted the player’s name and sang a cheering song. Jeju officials were requested to be summoned, and ‘Anticall’ also came out. We also took a picture with the Pohang team, like a ‘group photo of victory’. Even after that, it is known that Pohang fans stayed at the stadium even after all the players and the Jeju front desks left.

Meanwhile, the postponed FA Cup semi-finals are likely to resume at the end of August.

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