Former All-Star Sean Casey resigns as Yankees hitting coach

Sean Casey (49), a former All-Star first baseman, is resigning from his position as the New York Yankees hitting coach.

Local media such as ‘ESPN’ reported this on the 26th (Korean time), quoting what Casey announced directly on the podcast he runs.스포츠토토

Casey announced on his podcast ‘The Meyers Office with Sean Casey’ on Wednesday local time that he plans to step down from his position as hitting coach.

He, who has two daughters aged 13 and 17 from a divorced wife, is stepping down from his position as a hitting coach to spend more time with them, saying, “I can’t imagine being away from my daughters for eight months while they are in Pittsburgh.” revealed.

He announced his intention to resign to manager Aaron Boone even before the club’s offer was made. That’s how strong his will to be with his family was.

Casey took over as Yankees hitting coach in place of Dylan Lawson, who was fired last July.

The dismissal of the Yankees’ hitting coach attracted attention as it was the first mid-season coach change since General Manager Brian Cashman took office.

The Yankees recorded a batting average of 0.221 and an OPS of 0.688 in 71 games in which he served as hitting coach. The team failed to advance to the postseason.

He left his job as hitting coach, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t satisfied with the position.

He said, “All of these experiences were the best experiences of my life. Being able to wear pinstripes (a word symbolizing the Yankees uniform) was like a dream. Everyone I met, including General Manager Cashman, all the coaching staff, the team organization, and the owner, were really great. “There was nothing better than the opportunity to come in and out of Yankee Stadium every night,” he said, looking back on his time as a hitting coach.

Casey, who played 12 seasons in the major leagues and was selected as an All-Star three times, has been broadcasting on MLB Network since his retirement.

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