Daejeon achieved its goal of remaining and went above and beyond, with an average attendance of 13,300 and a splendid revival as a ‘special soccer city’ 

Daejeon Hana Citizen’s 2023 will be successful without a doubt.

Daejeon entered K League 1 after going through the promotion playoffs in K League 2 last year. The first season as a promoted team. Of course, the goal was to remain in K League 1.굿모닝토토

The goal was achieved without difficulty. Daejeon has never fallen to the bottom of the rankings throughout the season. Rather, it was at the top in the first half of the year. Although he did not advance to Final A by a single margin due to a lack of motivation, he was able to spend the remainder of the season leisurely by confirming his retention after just one game of the final round.

There is a point that is as important as accomplishing the mission of survival. This is an explosive increase in spectators. Last year, Daejeon, which was in the second division, had an average attendance of only 2,271. After entering the first division, the average attendance for the 17 games played this year was 13,300, an increase of about 600%. This figure is equivalent to 3rd place in K League 1. Only FC Seoul (21,891 people) and Ulsan Hyundai (17,592 people) attracted more spectators than Daejeon. The fandom was strong enough to be ahead of the most popular K League teams, Jeonbuk Hyundai (12,654 fans) and Suwon Samsung (11,035 fans). It was a season that perfectly restored the era of fame and glory of Daejeon, which was once called the ‘Soccer City’. It is a result that has value beyond residual value.

The biggest contributor to the recovery of the Special Football League is undoubtedly coach Lee Min-seong. Coach Lee, who led the team to promotion last year, was well-received for his attack-oriented soccer that did not back down even in the first division. He added weight to the offense to the point where he ranked third in scoring with 50 goals in 34 games. Especially at home, they always chanted ‘Attack forward’ and played refreshing soccer in front of the home fans. In 17 games held at Daejeon World Cup Stadium, Daejeon recorded 8 wins, 5 draws, and 4 losses.

In particular, the good performance in the first round robin served as a catalyst for increased attendance. Daejeon did not move down from Final A until early June. Many spectators headed to the World Cup Stadium, which they had not visited before, to watch Coach Lee’s ‘exciting soccer’. Coach Lee’s philosophy of “I will focus on the offense I am good at” was the catalyst for reviving Daejeon as a special soccer city.

The team’s efforts were also accompanied. After promotion, Daejeon expanded several spaces, including the club MD shop and general information center, and focused on welcoming customers. The number of food trucks was increased to 12 to increase food options for spectators. The event, which invited popular stars such as Ive’s An Yu-jin and volleyball player Lee Do-hyun, attracted a lot of attention not only in Daejeon but throughout the K-League. In 11 of the 16 regular round games, a brand day was held in conjunction with local organizations and organizations in Daejeon, which received a great response. The connection with the parent company Hana Financial Group also shined. Hana Bank worked hard to mobilize audiences through a wide range of activities, including promoting the club to customers who subscribed to the application. The result was an average audience of 13,300.

Daejeon, which successfully completed its first year of promotion, now looks to 2024. Coach Lee pledged to do better than this year, saying, “Next year, we will enter a ranking that will allow us to participate in the Champions League.” Jo Yu-min, the team leader, also said, “We need to work harder. “We will become a team that can advance to Final A and the Champions League next year,” he promised.

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