Kim Min-jae → Lotte Suco, Jeong Kyung-bae → Hanwha Suco… Key coach leaves, Kim Won-hyung-ho, how to make a new version

 SSG Landers’ baseball season in 2023 is over, but there is a lot of work to do. We have to plan for next season during the off-season, but first-team coaches are leaving one by one.안전놀이터

Base running coach Kim Min-jae, who served as a defensive coach during the 2021 season at SSG’s predecessor, SK, and served as the head coach closest to coach Kim Won-hyung in the 2022 season, left for the Lotte Giants.

Lotte announced the appointment of coach Kim Tae-hyung on the 20th, and coach Kim hurried to appoint a coaching staff as soon as he signed a contract with Lotte. 

People who worked closely with director Kim Tae-hyung headed to Lotte. 1st team base running coach Ko Young-min, 1st team batting assistant coach Kim Joo-chan, and 2nd team operations base running coach Yoo Jae-shin, who were members of the coaching staff during Doosan’s managerial days, were called by manager Kim Tae-hyung and made a new start at Lotte. 

Coach Minjae Kim served as a defense and operations coach at Doosan from 2019 to 2020. Coach Kim Min-jae joined Kim Tae-hyung’s division immediately after the semi-playoff schedule ended and took on the role of head coach.

Coach Kim Min-jae, who worked hard to help SSG become the ‘unified champion’ by winning the KBO’s first regular season ‘Wire to Wire’ last season and winning the Korean Series, is making a fresh start in his hometown of Busan. Coach Kim Min-jae said goodbye, saying, “I’m going back to my hometown.”

Coach Kyung-bae Jeong, who served as SSG’s hitting coach last year and this year’s quality control coach and hitting coach, headed to the Hanwha Eagles. On the 27th, the Hanwha club announced, “We have hired coach Kyung-bae Jeong.”

Coach Kyung-bae Jeong said, “I came back to Hanwha with a heavy sense of responsibility to work well with coach Won-ho Choi and achieve results.” Coach Kyung-bae Jeong served as the hitting coach for Hanwha Futures in 2020, and he knows his players well as he has coached Hanwha’s young players who are currently in the first team. Coach Jeong Kyung-bae plans to take on the role of head coach next season and focus on improving the fielder’s skills by being involved in the hitting department.

SSG’s fall baseball season ended after three games this year, but the leaders who led the team to third place in this year’s regular season following last year’s combined championship are leaving. Because of this, the SSG team also became busier.

SSG is preparing for a finishing camp in Kagoshima, Japan in November. However, when I left the team as a member of the 1st team coaching staff, I ended up organizing a final training session with the 2nd team coaching staff. Of course, coach Kim Won-hyung also plans to go to Kagoshima in person to see the players who should be the main players for next season, but he needs to piece together the first-team coaching staff.

Next week, coach Kim Won-hyung and the club’s front office are scheduled to meet to discuss the composition of the coaching staff. External recruitment will also be considered. This year, SSG ranked 8th and 7th, respectively, with a team batting average of .206 and a team ERA of 4.37. Change is needed.

Only when the outline of the first team coaching staff is released within the next week can we start planning next year’s season in earnest starting with the final camp.

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