“I didn’t like the contents of the pitch” Ohtani shouted after the 6th inning, but still 19⅓ ​​innings without an earned run

 Los Angeles Angels Shohei Ohtani finally kissed his 10th win of the season.

Ohtani started in the home game against the San Francisco Giants held at Angel Stadium on the 10th (Korean time) and allowed 3 hits and 3 walks in 6 innings, allowing 1 run (unlawful), leading a 4-1 victory.토토사이트

As a result, Ohtani recorded 10 wins and 5 losses for the season, an average ERA of 3.17, and 165 strikeouts. Ohtani, who tied for 6th in the AL with the most wins, 4th in ERA, 3rd in strikeouts, and 7th in WHIP (1.06), had a batting average of 0.185, which was the first in both leagues. Above all, it is noteworthy that they posted double-digit wins for two consecutive years.

Ohtani maintained his 40 homers as he failed to operate the cannon for six consecutive games with no hits and two walks in two at-bats that day.

Ohtani is the only player in major league history to achieve 10 wins and 40 homers in one season at the same time. Ohtani is also the first player to achieve 10 wins and 10 home runs in two seasons. Ohtani won 15 games last year and hit 34 homers.

Even Babe Ruth, the original pitcher who doubled as a pitcher, only had 10 wins and 10 home runs once. In 2018, when he was with the Boston Red Sox, he recorded 13 wins as a pitcher and 11 home runs as a hitter. In 1919, he went 9-29 home runs, one win short of that record.

In fact, Ohtani almost collapsed all at once that day. The San Francisco hitters were hard on Ohtani. This is why he allowed 3 walks. The condition was also not very good. He voluntarily gave up the pitch with his right hand showing symptoms of cramping even after 4 innings of no-hitter against the Seattle Mariners on the 4th, the previous pitch.

Afterwards, as his condition improved, he went on the mound that day, but his pitch itself looked weaker than usual.

According to Statcast, Ohtani threw 37 fastballs, 36 sweepers, 13 cutters, 6 curveballs and 5 splitters. His fastball speed was slower than usual. With a high of 97.9 miles and an average of 95.5 miles, the average was 1.4 miles (about 2.6 km) less than the average this season.

In the last 4 days against Seattle, he recorded a maximum of 100.2 miles and an average of 98.7 miles, and on the 28th of last month, against the Detroit Tigers, where he made his first complete pitch in the big leagues, he showed a maximum of 99.5 miles and an average of 97.0 miles. Just looking at his best velocity, he slowed by more than 2 miles against San Francisco that day.

His biggest crisis was in the 6th inning. Ohtani allowed a walk on a full count to leadoff Wilmer Flores. However, the sweeper on the inside of the 6th pitch was properly caught by Flores’ bat and flew far toward the left foul pole. It was a foul as he slid to the left, but if it was a home run, the score would widen to 0-2 and the atmosphere could have been completely taken away.

The 96 mph fastball thrown by Ohtani on the 7th pitch became a ball that almost grazed Flores’ head. It is said that he was shaking that much.

Then Joc Pederson stepped in to bat. Ohtani threw a 72 mph curveball first pitch. However, Ohtani’s left foot slipped slightly and he lost his balance and bounced to the left like a spring after the pitch.

Then, after wandering around the mound to see where it was bad, manager Phil Nevin took the trainer up to the mound from the dugout. After exchanging a few words, Ohtani nodded his head and went back to pitching. Fortunately, he overcame the crisis by inducing Pederson into a double hit for the second baseman with an 84-mile cutter on the 6th ball count 2B2S.

Ohtani was caught screaming as he came down the mound after pitching the sixth inning. It was an expression of his disappointment with the content of his own pitches.

Ohtani said after the game, “There was nothing wrong with my fingers. I just didn’t like the pitching throughout today’s game.” However, manager Nevin said, “I think he threw his ball except for the second inning.”

On this day, while avoiding an earned run, Ohtani continued the streak of 19⅓ innings without an earned run.

His Angels teammates also helped Ohtani win. In the bottom of the 6th inning, the Angels tied the game with a timely hit by 1st and 2nd baseman Brandon Drury, and Mike Moustakas exploded a superior three-runner, turning the tide of the game 4-1.

The Angels bullpen, which had recently been in extreme difficulty, was anxious again on this day, but did not give a score in the end. In the 7th inning, Jose Soriano passed the bases loaded safely, and in the 8th, Matt Moore blocked one inning with no runs. Finisher Carlos Esteves sent out two runners in the ninth inning, causing tension, but the last two batters were batted out to protect the victory by 3 points.

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