Pace of winning 4 crowns for 3 consecutive years, Japan’s best ace… Interest in ML posting, should I enter New York?

 Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Orix Buffaloes) is considered one of the best pitchers in Japanese professional baseball. He recently won 4 crowns for the 2nd consecutive year (most wins, earned run average, strikeouts, win rate), and is moving toward 4 crowns for the 3rd consecutive year this year.안전놀이터

After this season, Yamamoto plans to advance to the US Major League with the posting system. Since the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in March, major league clubs have shown interest in Yamamoto, and major destinations are already being discussed.

Ken Rosenthal of the American media ‘The Athletic’ said on the 12th (Korean time), “The New York Mets will not be silent in the free agent market after the season. Yamamoto may be the most suitable player.”

The Mets invested more than 500 million dollars (approximately 690 billion won) last winter to attract free agents, but by the end of July, they were in the bottom of the National League East Division, giving up the season while trading key players.

They decided to seek the latter by trading Cy Young’s ‘one-two punch’ Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander to Texas and Houston, respectively.

After the trade, Scherzer revealed the remarks of Mets general manager Billy Appler, saying, “There is no signing of a large free agent this offseason, and we aim to win in 2025 or 2026.” Seeing that the challenge for the title would be difficult for the Mets, he lifted his refusal to trade and accepted the trade to Texas.

But Rosenthal said, “Baseball officials don’t think Mets owner Steve Cohen won’t sign a free agent. What the Mets said is that it is a pitcher in his mid-30s and a large contract. According to an official familiar with the club, the Mets will continue to spend money on the free agent market, but will aim to recruit free agents that can fight alongside the young prospects they are developing after 2025.”

In that respect, Rosenthal pointed out that the free agent suitable for the Mets is Yamamoto, who will advance to the major leagues. Yamamoto will turn 25 on his birthday on the 17th. young.

Appler not only watched Yamamoto at the WBC, but also went to Japan to watch Yamamoto fight during this season.

The Mets already acquired Senga Kodai last winter for five years and $75 million. Senga is recording an average ERA of 3.24 with 8 wins and 6 losses in 21 games with his main weapon ‘Ghost Fork’. He is fourth in earned run average in the National League. Senga’s success is a positive view of Yamamoto.

Yamamoto pitched in 16 games this season and recorded 11 wins, 4 losses, 1.57 ERA, 118 strikeouts, and 15 QS. He ranks 1st in wins, 1st in earned run average, 1st in winning percentage, and 3rd in strikeouts, making him unparalleled as the best pitcher in Japanese professional baseball.

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