KT starters, there are no gaps… Eom Sang-baek, ‘6 innings scoreless 7K’ 7 win requirements

Eom Sang-baek (KT Wiz), who was sluggish in the last game ‘only for one day’, proved his ace instinct with another good pitch.

Eom Sang-baek started the 2023 KBO League regular season away game against the Doosan Bears held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 15th and pitched 6 innings, 3 hits, 1 walk, 1 walk, 7 strikeouts and no runs. Received 4 points early from the other line, he went down the mound with the conditions for a 7th win of the season with a 4-0 lead in the 7th inning.

Eom Sang-baek took the mound against Suwon Hanwha Eagles on the 9th, and allowed 3 home runs, and was sluggish by 5 runs. He played 7 innings, contributed to the team’s come-from-behind victory, and won the starter, but the content seemed to be left unsatisfac토토사이트

In the game on the 16th, it returned to its original form. He hit the Doosan batters by throwing 47 out of a total of 85 pitches with his main weapon changeup, although his top 149 km / h fastball (16 pitches) was also strong. He got off to a good start, blocking the first and third innings with a triple kick, blocking three innings with one hit.

In the meantime, KT’s other line left a strong scoring support. In the early second inning, against Doosan starter Kim Dong-ju, he scored 4 runs with a double, a balk, a walk, a stolen base, a timely hit and a home run after 2 outs.

He allowed the only extra-base hit in the 4th inning while steadily running towards the winning pitcher. A two-pitch high-fastball thrown to lead batter Ahn Jae-seok was attacked and headed to the right-middle outfield. Right fielder Ahn Chi-young chased the ball well, but failed to catch it. As Ahn Jae-seok advanced to third base, the batted ball was recorded as a triple. Is it because of the lack of defense? Eom Sang-baek continued the crisis by giving up a walk after a match with Jose Rojas, the follow-up hitter, who could pitch up to 8 pitches.

overcome the crisis with strength. Eom Sang-baek put out the urgent fire by striking out looking for the follow-up batter Kim Jae-hwan. Luck followed. In a match with follow-up hitter Kim In-tae, he threw a fastball at 144 km / h in the first round, and Kim In-tae attacked it and made a fast batting ball, but it went right into the first baseman’s glove. Rojas, the runner on first base, who had leaned over to second base on the hit ball, was also out, and the inning ended.

Runners went out in the 5th inning, but they did not accumulate. Eom Sang-baek scored four balls in the game with Yang Seok-hwan, the first hitter, but immediately eliminated the runner by inducing the follow-up hitter Kang Seung-ho to double-stroke. Then, he was hit by Jang Seung-hyeon, but the runner to advance to the base in scoring position disappeared. He leisurely turned the follow-up hitter, Heo Kyung-min, into a ground ball for the third baseman, fulfilling the requirements for a winning pitcher. Eom Sang-baek, who also pitched in the 6th inning, added a three-way offense with only 7 pitches and fulfilled the quality start requirement (6 starting innings or more and 3 earned runs or less).

85 pitches. There was some room, but KT replaced the mound with Son Dong-hyun and finished Sang-baek Eom’s mission. Eom Sang-baek’s season average ERA, which met the 7-win requirement for the season, went down slightly to 3.48.

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