Don’t ask, risk of heinous crimes, KBO “Strengthening all measures, such as security screening and additional deployment of safety personnel”

Recently, a series of riots targeting an unspecified number of people have occurred, and the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced that it would take all measures to protect spectators, including strengthening security and search.안전놀이터

KBO sent an official letter to each club on the 4th, requesting thorough preparation for crime and strengthening overall stadium safety management, such as strengthening security checks when entering spectators, deploying additional safety personnel, and strengthening cooperation with related organizations such as police and fire departments. there is,” he said.

On the 5th, ahead of the confrontation between the Samsung Lions and the LG Twins held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu, an article foretelling a riot with a weapon was posted in the ‘Cheer’ section of the KBO’s official application.

Safety personnel such as the Daegu Police Agency, Daegu Suseong Police Station, who were dispatched after receiving a report, were dispatched to and around the Daegu Stadium to strengthen safety management. The game was held as scheduled and ended normally without any special incidents as no unusual incidents related to the crime were found. The spectators exited safely under the protection of security personnel.

On the 5th, the Samsung Lions-LG Twins match was held, the police are on special patrol inside the Samsung Lions Park Stadium in Daegu. Provided by Daegu Police Agency
KBO explained, “Before the game on the 5th, each club strengthened measures for the safety of spectators, such as deploying their own security personnel.”

“KBO and each club will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of spectators, such as reinforcing security screening using metal detectors, additional deployment of safety personnel, and strengthening cooperation with related organizations,” he said.

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